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Staff spotlight – Jade Pickthall, Senior Account Manager

Jade Pickthall, Senior Account Manager

Jade is our ultra-organised, sushi eating, road trip loving, client-servicing superstar. As one of the original Connected crew, she’s navigated rapid digital change, campaign management and now works with clients including consumer electronics giant Canon.

Before joining the Connected team, Jade spent her first few years outside of uni at large Sydney agency. She worked on big brand accounts across multiple channels and later niched into digital.

Jade joined Connected in the early days as our 4th employee and spent her first few month learning a whole new approach to digital.

‘I love the lack of barriers at Connected. It means I’ve had to unlearn the way I was taught to work and it opened up a new way of thinking’ says Jade. ‘We have the freedom to try new things, can make decisions quicky and I can see the direct impact of what I do every day’.

After a stint as a Digital Executive followed by a role as Campaign Manager, she moved on to working directly with clients. As a Senior Account Manager, Jade has discovered a love for presenting and enjoys the opportunity to help drive strategy.

5 fast facts about Jade

  • She’s an interior design junkie and has been known to re-decorate newly decked out spaces.

  • Her eye for design extends to converting her Volkswagen transporter into a little home one wheels and is currently on the lookout for her next project.

  • Curated Spotify lists are her thing with a playlist dedicated to each part of her day.

  • Jade recently made the quiet confession that she used to be very messy. Given we only know her as ultra-neat and super organised, the jury is still out on just how ‘messy’ she really was.

  • She was paid for her first ever job with half a chicken and has never been able to look at a roasted chook the same way since.

‘There’s a real sense of family and everyone puts their whole heart in what they do’


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