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Let’s connect and make change happen.


Fearless strategy & creative grounded by data.

The Connected Lab specialises in uncovering insights that give us a new way to solve old problems.

Our strategic process is based on the simple principle of connection, blending the precision of science and the flair of art, with a laser focus on the end goal. We identify the valuable moments that are essential to build brands, engage customers, influence behaviour and unlock business growth.

Our 4-step process is tested and proven. It has been designed to accelerate sustainable growth for both small and large businesses. 


We can set you up for success. The right tools can create huge efficiencies for your marketing investment, help you reach your goals and grow your business.


Results-obsessed Media Buying & Planning

Media planning and buying – traditional above the line & digital.

We take a holistic view of traditional and digital media, ensuring one complements the other, and each channel plays a specific role in driving awareness, consideration and purchase.
Rather than relying on traditional media planning and research alone, we take a digital-led approach. This allows us to think differently, move quickly, test and prove concepts, messages and target audiences prior to rolling out campaigns at scale.

“Working with Connected has been the most seamless agency transition that we’ve ever had. Connected are deeply partnered in our business and work closely as an extended part of our digital marketing team. They delivered on what they said they would deliver, and we have never to had to chase them.”

Nina Spannari

Canon Australia

“In my 10 years+ working in digital marketing, Connected have been hands down the best digital media agency I have personally worked with. They really understand our business goals, the challenges of our industry, and they have adapted to our changing needs over the years. Plus, they are a good bunch of people that are a joy to work with!”.

Anna Lu


Real-time reporting and insights

Data is the foundation of marketing, and informs everything we do – and don’t do – for our clients.
We’re excited by numbers, charts, new reporting technologies, lowering CPAs and increasing ROI.

Our client dashboards and Business Intelligence reports provide a consolidated view of each customer; from first touch to onsite & conversion behaviour, cross-referenced with business intelligence. A single customer view tells a powerful story.


Pioneering Artful Analytics

“Connected is the perfect agency fit for a brand like Octet, allowing us to have a direct line to senior management expertise when needed, whilst also having a high standard of knowledge at the account director/manager level.
I am really happy that we went through that (pitch) process – I now have confidence that we can drive growth across our core digital metrics, and of course, a enjoy a great partnership too.”

Duncan Khoury

Octet, Head of Marketing


End to end digital transformation

Place your brand exactly where it needs to be - at the pivotal moment of engagement.

At Connected, we're all about results.

Our journey begins with deep data dives to lay the groundwork for our campaigns, followed by relentless testing and enhancing across every platform.

We’re proud to be recognised by Meta, Google, and LinkedIn as one of Australia’s top agencies. We’ve run hundreds of millions of dollars through these channels, and this experience fuels our continuous evolution and innovation.

"It's the attention to detail and the relentless pursuit of improvement that sets Connected apart. They're not just a marketing agency; they're our partners in growth, constantly seeking out opportunities for enhancement in every facet of our marketing efforts."

Sevag Sarkissian

Australian Institute of Management



What do we do

We offer four specialist business areas that come together to deliver market-leading results.

Discover More - Connected Intelligence

How do you currently test out new audiences and messages before diving into big media campaigns?

Can you do it quickly and efficiently?
Let us show you how we do it to mitigate risk and waste.

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