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NDSP: Scaling Registrations Through Diversified Channel Strategies

NDSP Plan Managers

NDSP is a forward-thinking National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Plan Management company. Aiming to scale their business, they faced the challenge of maximising efficient registrations in a highly competitive market. With existing digital advertising channels reaching a saturation point for cost-effective registrations, Connected needed to explore alternative channels to maintain and boost their growth trajectory.



  • Increase registrations efficiently within a competitive landscape.


  • The market was highly competitive, and the cost per lead (CPL) in existing digital advertising platforms was approaching its limit of efficiency.

Strategy & Execution

  • To address these challenges, Connected identified a new channel opportunity that was being underutilised by all competitors in the market. This platform presented a promising alternative to the heavily saturated advertising space.

  • Key Strategy: Leverage the new channel by implementing and optimising strategies similar to those used on existing platforms but tailored to the specific demand and requirements of the new channel.

  • Optimisation: Connected focused on optimising campaigns and bids according to real-time demand on the new platform, ensuring cost efficiency and high conversion rates.


Diversifying the channel mix drove impressive results:

  • Significant Contribution: Implemented in Feb 2023, by May 2024 the new platform was accounting for 34% of total registrations delivered by paid media!

  • Cost Efficiency: Leads via the new channel were delivered below the target CPL and final conversions are 65% more efficient than other similar channels.

"Partnering with Connected has been instrumental in our growth strategy. Their proactive approach to exploring and optimising new channels has significantly boosted our registrations while keeping costs well within our targets. The efficiency gains and increased conversions speak volumes about their expertise and commitment to our success." Isaac Smith, Chief Growth Officer, MPM Group


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