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Case Study: Print Work from Home (Canon)

The challenge:

Printer seasonality is typically driven by annual triggers such as back to school (January-February) or the end of financial year (June-July). However, when the COVID-19 pandemic saw companies introduce new work-from-home guidelines, March 2020 kicked off a new sales period as students and workers prepared for lock-down. While many Australians were certainly accustomed to working from home on an ad-hoc basis, the COVID-19 measures meant the reliance on office and university print systems had to be replaced by personal home set-ups that could sustain maximum productivity for an ongoing period. Canon printers had an unprecedented boom in consumer relevance.

The approach:

Speed to market and agility were critical as we – like all Australians - had limited foresight into the length of time a WFH printer campaign would remain relevant. Within three days of receiving a brief, Connected delivered a WFH campaign across Facebook & Instagram having strategically identified ideal channels, messaging strategies, and flighting based on speed to market.

The layered strategic approach added more channels as assets became available, with the client and agency teams working closely to align on deliverables and outcomes. Building on the initial social activity, we engaged LinkedIn as a channel to tap into the targeted professional working demographic.

By monitoring shifts in consumer behaviour, we used programmatic display to tap into key printer audiences across News & Entertainment verticals - two broad news sectors seeing the biggest growth in audience engagement as the pandemic took hold. Our in-house trading team provided real-time optimisations to the campaign, shifting budgets to drive the most efficient traffic across the campaign. Paid Search activity was bolstered to ensure we were present at every moment of intent, driving potential consumers to discover and ultimately purchase a Canon printer.

The results:

Through strong client partnerships, agility and swift execution, we achieved launching and maximising the Canon WFH printer campaign at the very start of the ‘home office’ frenzy - (see Google Trends graph). Our digital activity smashed all targets, delivering +80% traffic to site vs planned. Critically, we over-delivered on Canon’s target of growing 3% value share in Consumer Print category over the campaign period.


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