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  • Christie Wade

Case Study: AIM Education - Optimising for Excellence


The Australian Institute of Management (AIM), a premier institution in Australia known for its comprehensive Short Courses and MBAs, faced the dual challenge of not only increasing lead generation but also enhancing the cost efficiency of these leads. Despite robust traffic from organic and paid media efforts, a critical opportunity for improvement was identified in the onsite conversion process.

With strong traffic but suboptimal website conversion rates, Connected identified inefficiencies in the user journey that led to significant drop-offs.

This case study underscores the importance of continuous analysis and optimisation in digital marketing strategies. This is just one example of how Connected and AIM use real-time data and user feedback to shape not only promotional strategies but also course offerings and student engagement tactics. This adaptive strategy ensures that AIM remains at the forefront of educational innovation, aligned with market demands and expectations.



Enhance the user experience on the landing page to improve lead generation (measure by conversion rate) and decrease the cost per lead.

Strategy & Execution

Connected undertook a comprehensive review of the entire campaign and user journey, pinpointing a significant drop-off at the website lead-form stage. Implementing a mix of best practices and innovative changes led to a strategic overhaul of the landing page, focusing on:

  • Strengthening calls to action for greater clarity and immediacy

  • Revising messaging to incorporate consumer-driven language that highlighted emotional benefits

  • Enhancing visibility and accessibility of the lead form by moving it above the fold

  • Showcasing proof points and awards prominently to bolster credibility and appeal

Through rigorous A/B testing, the team closely monitored the conversion rate, making iterative adjustments to refine the page's effectiveness. Equally important was the maintenance of lead quality, gauged by the progression of leads to qualified leads and eventual sales, ensuring that quantity did not compromise quality.


This ‘simple’ page refresh led to a remarkable 75% reduction in the cost per lead.

The quality and conversion rate of leads remained high, affirming the efficacy of the changes without diluting the lead-to-sale pipeline.


+75% improvement in cost per lead

"Small tweaks can indeed lead to massive successes, a principle we've witnessed firsthand with our landing page optimisations. It's the attention to detail and the relentless pursuit of improvement that sets Connected apart. They're not just a marketing agency; they're our partners in growth, constantly seeking out opportunities for enhancement in every facet of our marketing efforts." Sevag Sarkissian, Australian Institute of Management


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