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  • Christie Wade

AUSTRALASIAN COLLEGE OF HEALTH & WELLNESS: The Dermal Therapy Scholarship for Registered Nurses


Together with The Australasian College of Health & Wellness (ACHW), we embarked on a transformative campaign aimed at disrupting the commoditised beauty therapy education market. Capitalising on the growing interest in skin care and the healthcare industry's shifting dynamics, ACHW launched an innovative scholarship program tailored to nurses seeking career transitions.



  • Drive an increase in leads and enrolments for ACHW's Dermal Therapy degrees.

  • Achieve YoY growth in new enrolments.

  • Improve campaign efficiency to maximise a limited budget.

Strategy & Execution

Together we adopted a dual approach combining empathetic career transition opportunities with strategic marketing:

  • Scholarship Launch: Introduced the Dermal Therapy Scholarship for Registered Nurses, aligning the launch with ongoing healthcare strikes to maximise relevance and engagement.

  • Owned Channel Hype: Implemented a blackout on owned channels to announce the scholarship, creating a buzz around the initiative.

  • Paid Media Focus: Concentrated spending on proven lead generation channels, ensuring high conversion rates from the heightened interest.

  • Creative Assets: Developed compelling creatives that directly addressed nurses' career concerns, boldly asking, "Are you a Registered Nurse looking for a career change?" This direct approach resonated deeply with the target audience.

  • Industry Partnerships: Collaborated with respected bodies like the Aesthetic & Beauty Industry Council (ABIC) to lend credibility and industry support to the scholarship.


  • Enrolment Surge: The scholarship campaign significantly exceeded its goals, driving record enrolment numbers surpassing targets by 23%.

  • Course Enquiry Boom: Achieved a record-breaking 140% increase in course enquiries compared to the target.

  • Efficiency Gains: Realised a 44% improvement in click efficiency, optimising the campaign's budget effectiveness.

  • Scholarship Expansion: The success inspired the creation of additional scholarships, including the Indigenous Excellence Scholarship and the Industry Newcomers Scholarship, further broadening ACHW's impact and inclusivity.

  • Conversion Rate Increase: The campaign also led to a 37% YoY increase in conversion rates for Dermal Therapy qualifications.


  • Course Enquiries: +140% v target

  • Campaign Efficiency: + 44% v target

  • Sales Conversions: + 37% YoY

+140% increase in course enquiries YoY

"Working with Connected has been a game-changer for us at ACHW. Together, we've dug deep into the data, spotted trends no one else saw, and turned them into action. Launching the Dermal Therapy Scholarship was just the start. We've gotten creative, shaken things up, and the results? They speak for themselves!" Sevag Sarkissian, Australian Institute of Management.


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