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Case Study: Navigating New Educational Horizons


The Australian Institute of Management (AIM), one of Australia's foremost education providers, confronted the challenge of a rapidly evolving sector accelerated by the pandemic. The shift in market dynamics affected consumer preferences, swinging from short courses to higher education and back, while at the same time the industry grappled with the loss of traditional digital platform targeting capabilities. AIM required a resilient strategy to drive high-quality leads and adapt to changing needs for their dual product lines: Short Courses and MBAs.

AIMs strategic partnership with Connected drove exceptional business success, demonstrating the power of agility and innovation in the face of industry upheaval. By capitalising on data-driven insights and embracing a fluid marketing approach, AIM not only weathered the storm of market uncertainty but emerged stronger, with lead growth and sales that far outpaced the increase in spend. This case study is a testament to the enduring value of responsive strategy and the symbiosis of a client-agency relationship committed to mutual success in a competitive landscape.



  • Pivot product offerings to address the changing market demands

  • Redesign targeting strategies to maintain or improve lead quality and budget efficiency with the loss of traditional social platform targeting options

  • Drive qualified leads and sales for two different products (Short Courses and MBAs)

Strategy & Execution

  • Product Innovation: Launched new courses aligned to market trends, flash sales, developed a new scholarship stream. The scholarship product (originally for nursing courses) was so successful it was rolled out beyond COVID to support both regional and women in study.

  • Adaptive Budgeting: Implemented a flexible budgeting approach, allowing for fast reallocations based on changing consumer habits and insights.

  • Targeted Communication: Shifted to a robust first-party data approach, enhancing bid strategies and driving investments toward high-value leads.

  • Integrated Platforms: Utilised Paid Search, YouTube, Discovery campaigns, and Google Ads, with creative content optimised for each platform.


  • Data Quality: Improved significantly, facilitating more targeted decisions

  • Keyword Weightage: Strengthened, reflecting more accurate bidding strategies

  • In-Depth Data: Allowed for more nuanced insights into consumer behaviour

  • Budget Optimisation: Enhanced allocation resulting in cost-effective spending

  • Business Growth: Significant increase in leads and sales


Complete business pivot in response to the COVID pandemic – came out stronger with new products

+122% increase in total leads YoY

"This campaign's success reflects the strength of our partnership with Connected and our collective ability to adapt and thrive in a rapidly evolving environment. The significant growth in leads and efficiency in spending demonstrate what can be achieved when innovative strategies meet executional excellence. We're incredibly proud of the results."  Sevag Sarkissian, Australian Institute of Management.


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