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Transforming marketing data into actionable insights

One of the best things about marketing today is the availability of data.

Data from your website, social media channels, advertising platforms, CRMs and more give marketers access to more information than ever before. With data captured at every touchpoint and the ability to measure results, tracking performance has never been easier.

But tracking performance is just one part of the process. The ability to make sense of all the data is where the magic happens.

At Connected, we hate seeing businesses underperform and we love closing the gap between ads and sales. Access to clear, accurate and timely data is critical.

The data challenge

While having a holistic picture of performance sounds ideal, the reality of making this happen is a challenge. Businesses of all sizes struggle with similar barriers when it comes to making the most of their data:

Too many systems

Your business is storing data across a variety of systems with each having its own processes, formats and permissions. They don’t speak to each other and sharing information is difficult.

Information overload

The sheer volume of data can be as big a problem as not having enough data. Too much information can be time consuming and difficult to sort, manage and analyse. Valuable information can be buried inside and easily overlooked.

Out-of-date data

The timing of data plays a big part into its effectiveness. Manual updates and work-arounds not only impact accuracy, but lead to delays to access to information and missed opportunities.

Data integrations into marketing dashboards can help you overcome these problems. Done right, you’ll get access to up-to-date, automated data in the areas you need to drive better decisions.

Actionable insights at your fingertips

At Connected, we’ve invested in powerful systems and tech smarts to help our clients make sense of their data and use this information to make better marketing decisions. No more delays in data, gaps in information, or making assumptions. Just useful, easy-to-read reporting available at any time.

As we head towards a cookieless world, a holistic view of marketing and business activity will become increasingly important. Isolated console data does not allow for this.

We are making sure that our clients are set up for success. With a simple click, our dashboards display results and trends by day, week, month or year to give us (and our clients) a detailed view of what's happening.

Customised dashboards

We use Salesforce’s business intelligence tool Datorama and advanced programming skills to create customised dashboards for our clients. Helping connect all of their marketing data into a single application, the dashboards collate data and result from different platforms including:

  • Affiliate networks

  • Advertising platforms

  • Social channels

  • Google analytics

  • Client CRM data

Information from different data sets is aggregated into an easy-to-digest, visual representation of results. With the dashboards customised, our clients can access up-to-date, valuable information whenever they need.


Marketing dashboard benefits

  • Gain a holistic view of results across all your data sources.

  • View historical data with ability to compare performance across different time periods.

  • Customised reporting highlights the metrics that matter most to your business.

  • Access data at any time with secure, web-based reporting.

  • Match data across different channels and track performance.

  • View different campaign elements including creative and audience segments.

  • Drill down into campaign detail, such as product or keyword level.


If you’re struggling to make sense of your data, it might be time to look into marketing dashboards. Not sure where to start? We’re hear to help. Get in touch


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