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  • Christie Wade

Innovate and Solve: Unleashing Potential with Switch Thinking by Dr. Ken Hudson

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, innovation and creative problem-solving are not just assets but necessities.

Last Friday, we delved into the world of ‘Switch Thinking’, a revolutionary concept developed by Dr. Ken Hudson, in a workshop that left us inspired and ready to tackle challenges in novel ways.

At its core, Switch Thinking is about flipping challenges to discover unexpected solutions. Dr. Ken Hudson, a leading innovation expert, crafted this methodology to break free from traditional thought patterns and spark creativity.

The workshop was an energetic mix of interactive sessions, real-life case studies, and hands-on exercises. We learned that Switch Thinking is applicable across all levels of an organisation and in any situation requiring a fresh perspective. We were able to break into small groups and apply the ‘Switch’ methods to existing challenges. Our team was able to come up with new ways to approach old problems – within minutes!

“I was blown away by the Switch Thinking workshop. Ken’s methods will help us super-charge our creativity and productivity. I was excited by the ‘simple’ tools and techniques that helped to bring out everyone’s unique ideas – quickly.” Laura Hamod Barnes, Connected CEO. 

The 'aha' moments during the workshop have already translated into action; our team members have been eagerly sharing their Switch Thinking-inspired ideas in meetings and strategy sessions.


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