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  • Christie Wade

Supercharge your results: creative in motion

We all know that video has taken the top spot when it comes to content. And with consumers forecast to spend 100 minutes watching online videos every day, it’s no wonder why. Videos are engaging, loved by Google and are known to generate a healthy ROI.

The catch? They can also take a lot of time, money and creative energy to make.

If budgets are limited (whose aren’t?) and resources are at capacity (all the time), there’s another way you can capitalise on the effectiveness of video.

Stopping the scroll

One of the reasons why videos are so effective is that they use motion to tell a story. By applying motion to your static creative, you can create a video-like experience that helps stop the scroll and capture the attention of your audience.

As people are drawn to visuals first, anything to differentiate your ad creative helps. And because people scan each piece of content much more quickly on the phone vs desktop, this has become an increasingly important part of campaign success.

‘The Mobile Marketing Association found that people took two to three seconds to see and cognitively recognise two thirds of desktop ads in comparison to 0.4 seconds for mobile’. Source: Mobile Marketing Association, Cognition Neuroscience Research project.

Source: Facebook Blueprint

Not only does motion help stop the scroll, but it also helps drive your results. Facebook reports that adding lightweight motion to static creative can achieve a 17% higher conversion lift compared to static images along. So – what are you waiting for?

How to add movement

Adding movement is simple, cost-effective and fast. By adding basic motion, you can help extend the life of your existing creative and help keep your campaigns current.

Here are some ideas to add movement – and impact – to your creative:

  • Try a different coloured background, adding a symbol or zooming in to an image.

  • Highlight your brand or logo, which can also help build brand awareness.

  • Choose a key benefit or two to animate. This can be an offer, review or product feature.

  • Show your product in action with a demo on how your product or service works.

Ads in motion – an example

Source: Facebook Blueprint

Time to test

Try A/B testing the static ad version vs animated to compare results and check out the power of ads in motion for yourself.


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