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  • Christie Wade

Staff spotlight – Vijay Chander, Search Manager

Vijay Chander, Search Manager

Meet Vijay - engineer, globe trotter, search gun and speaker of five languages.

Vijay is our resident search guru with a globe-trotting past and seriously impressive industry experience.

Born in India, Vijay’s interest in tech began at an early age, eventually sending him to the US where he earned his Master’s in Electrical Engineering. He then took his technical skills and put them to work in digital marketing across South East Asia and the Middle East.

Along the way, he worked both agency and client side across a wide range of industries including education, travel, banking, automotive, aviation and FMCG.

His Australian adventure started with a Brisbane based agency before he moved south and settled in the Illawarra with his wife and two kids.

As Connected’s Search Manager, he leads our team of search specialists and spends his days immersed in search, data and analytics.

‘Our approach is different. We look beyond the marketing team and connect with the broader business to find new ways to drive results. It’s one of the best things about working at Connected, as I’m constantly learning.’

5 fast facts about Vijay

  • As a tech junkie, he’s across all the latest gadgets, developments and designs.

  • While he’s committed to keeping his carb count low, he has a soft spot for Biryani, a traditional, spicy rice and meat dish.

  • Back in his student days, Vijay managed to convince his dad to fork out for a gym membership only to use his gym ‘visits’ to fill his social calendar.

  • Vijay can speak English, Hindi, Telugu, Urdu, Sanskrit. Phew.

  • His most interesting overseas stint was working for Qatar Airways where he was part of a melting pot of cultures from around the world.


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