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  • Christie Wade

Pinterest Predicts - Trends to Watch

Check out the full Pinterest Predicts 2024 here.

Kitschens trend - thrifted finds, vintage appliances and jarring pops of paint (image from Pinterest Predicts report).

People use Pinterest to plan for the future. This means Pinterest sits uniquely at the beginning of a user’s journey and is a great way to introduce new customers to your brand.

The Pinterest Predicts 2024 report has been released to give us insight into what’s going to be really big, really soon. Understanding emerging trends can help you align with culture to grow and enhance your customer base. These insights will help you get ahead, reach your audience when they're seeking inspiration, and help them decide what to try, buy and shop next.

Jump into the full report for all 23 emerging trends, but our 3 favourites are below:

From home décor to couture to beauty ideas, a whole mood will bubble up in 2024 inspired by your favourite invertebrate: jellyfish. Gen Z and Millennials are driving this squishy aesthetic.

Eccentric Grandpa. In 2024, Gen Z and Boomers will embrace ‘grandpa core’ and bring eccentric and expressive elements for the ages to their wardrobes. Think retro streetwear, chic cardigans and customised clothing.

Melty Mashups. This trend takes two ooey-gooey, treat-yourself favourites and marries them to make mouth-watering, melty mashups such as ‘burger quesadillas’ and ‘pizza pies’. Gen X and Boomers will feast on this all-new food fusion in 2024.

Connected Comment
  • Leverage trends to help build relevance - integrate into your organic content and ad creative.

  • Pinterest plays a crucial role in the early inspiration and planning stages of the decision-making process. Use longer 30/30/30 day look-back windows to track the effectiveness of this channel.

  • Pinterest’s audience is in a receptive mindset, we can see CTRs 139% higher than Meta in tests.


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