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  • Christie Wade

NEW: TikTok Notes tested In Australia & Canada.

TikTok announced the launch of TikTok Notes on X (formally twitter). The company elaborated on the new app stating that:

"The TikTok Notes experience is designed for those who would like to share and engage through photo content."

Download the app to experience TikTok Notes for yourself: Apple, Android

Notification sent out to TikTok users.

TikTok seems to have taken a few pointers from the launch of Threads by utilising their existing user profiles across apps for ease of early adoption. Time will tell how well the app can maintain it’s audience beyond the hype of launch.

Social media sites are constantly copying each other in the battle for consumer attention. Although we have seen failures from some attempts we have also seen success stories eg: Instagram ‘stories’ feature that were ‘inspired’ by Snapchat and now have arguably equal importance to feed posts.


Connected Comment

  • There are no advertising opportunities available yet but we are working closely with our TikTok partners to scope what to expect in future.

  • Consider what impact this new app will have on overall static media consumption. Will the Instagram algorithm begin 'rewarding' static media to remain competitive? Keep testing in the organic space.


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