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  • Christie Wade

Meta Update: Add Multiple Landing Pages to Meta Ads

The new Meta site links feature allows multiple landing pages in ads, compared to ads traditionally having one primary landing page. 

Site links display horizontally as scroll labels  under the main image or video, redirecting users to designated in-app landing pages, and they can be automatically sourced from your website or added manually. This feature enhances campaign flexibility by highlighting various categories, products or sign-ups, providing more opportunities for conversions. 

What's Happening?

  • Ads with site links can only be delivered to the ad placement Facebook Feed.

  • The site links feature doesn't support the app promotion objective. Traffic, Engagement, Leads and Sales objectives are all supported.

  • Catalogue Ad format does not support the use of site links.

  • A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 20 site links is required to use this feature.

  • URL and UTM parameters can be added to individual site links included in one ad.

  • This feature is being rolled out and may not be available to all Ad Accounts just yet.


Connected Comment

  • This feature will be especially beneficial for brands who have multiple product categories, allowing users to easily click through to the relevant landing pages from a single ad. 

  • Where appropriate, this could also open up opportunity for brands to consolidate their creative approach, focusing on multiple categories in the one image or video.


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