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  • Christie Wade

Grant Burge & Connected Marketing: Crafting a Personalised Path to Premium Market Penetration.


Grant Burge, an iconic Australian wine brand from Barossa, has long been recognised for creating generous wines that inspire generosity in others. With a heritage rooted in exceeding expectations, Grant Burge engaged Connected to launch their new premium red wine, striving to make a bold impression in a crowded market with limited creative resources.

The primary challenge was to cut through the clutter of the competitive wine industry with a modest budget and constrained creative resources – reaching relevant audiences with their newest red wine product. The insight driving the campaign was clear: personalisation has the power to drive engagement and brand recall effectively.

By focusing on dynamic video creative and leveraging premium programmatic inventory, Grant Burge and Connected set a benchmark for launching products within a tight budget, proving that creativity and innovation need not be limited by resource constraints. This initiative underscores Grant Burges’ commitment to not only crafting fine wines but also pioneering marketing campaigns that resonate with their audience's diverse tastes and experiences.



  • Engage consumers on a personal level, driving brand awareness and affinity

  • Establish the new premium red wine as a top-of-mind choice for consumers in various scenarios

  • Utilise innovative marketing strategies to maximise the limited budget and creative resources.


  • Connected, in partnership with Grant Burge, designed a campaign around dynamic video personalisation, served programmatically.

  • The strategy was multifaceted, considering different audience segments, occasions for wine consumption (like gifting or celebrations), days of the week, weather conditions affecting palate preference, and time of day.

  • The dynamic approach allowed hundreds of creative iterations to be executed with minimal additional investment, each tailored to specific user contexts.

  • The Connected in-house programmatic team delivered the personalised content across premium digital channels such as News, SBS, Nine Digital, 7plus, Ten Play, Gourmet Traveller, and Good Food. This ensured the brand appeared in environments where potential customers were already engaged and receptive.


  • Successful product launch

  • Hundreds of creative iterations with minimal additional investment

  • Outperformed prior year benchmarks across all key metrics

  • +33% more efficient reach versus prior year benchmark

  • 2.4X more engagement versus benchmark


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