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  • Christie Wade

Maximising Campaign Performance: Leveraging Generative AI in Paid Search

📷 Image credit: DALL·E (AI generated, obviously!).

One of the fastest shifts in paid search marketing is generative artificial intelligence (AI).

Both Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising are now embracing this new technology, offering features that automate the creation of ad copy and images. We are embracing it too.

Bing AI Example
Microsoft Example - Generative AI

What does this mean for agencies and advertisers, and why is it essential to pay attention to these advancements?

Generative AI creates content autonomously by analysing existing data and patterns. In the context of paid search advertising, this technology revolutionises the way ad copy and imagery can be produced. By scrutinising website content and historical ad performance, Generative AI can craft headlines and descriptions to fit within character limitations, as well as creating tailored visuals.

By automating repetitive tasks, Generative AI can allow us to focus on strategic planning and campaign optimisation. This not only saves time but generative AI may also spark new ideas that can resonate with the target audience.

By experimenting with a broad range of content variations, we can identify untapped market segments and tailor messaging to specific demographics. We have always done this - it is now just getting easier and faster.

Google AI Example
Google Example - Generative AI

Connected Comment
  • The integration of Generative AI in paid search advertising heralds a new era of efficiency and innovation. However, we believe it's crucial to maintain a balanced approach: while the technology is undeniably powerful, human expertise remains indispensable.

  • Like any new digital marketing tool - it's only as good as the marketer using it. We leverage our deep client and industry knowledge along with vast SEM experience to make these tools work harder for our clients.

  • We are currently utilising and testing this technology alongside thoughtful human insight to ensure the best results for our clients.


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