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Facebook to launch Facebook Shop, the platforms latest e-Commerce product offering

It's no coincidence that the launch of Facebook Shop has seemingly come out of no-where, the social media giant has accelerated the launch of its new e-Commerce retail offering to take advantage of the changes in consumer behaviour, and media consumption we've seen as a result of the recent lock-down and social distancing measures.

Facebook has seemingly simplified the process, with support and intuitive user interface that will allow retailers to quickly set-up and begin their Facebook stores, and allow users to buy from online retailers without leaving the platform.

The client benefits of Facebook Shop include a shortened purchase funnel, which will drive consumers from awareness to purchase within one platform - as veteran digital planners will know, user experience is key for positive brand sentiment and driving users off-platform is not best practice.

In addition, Facebook Shop promises platform integration with a broad range of e-commerce providers which means a seamless experience for both the customer and the retailer.

This certainly is an exciting development for agencies and clients to keep an eye on, especially for those planning media - this may have large implications if it is received well by users. Expect to hear more over the next few months as it is rolled out globally.


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