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  • Christie Wade

Countdown to Google Analytics 4

Only 2 weeks until Universal Analytics is sunset

Google made an announcement last year stating that Universal Analytics (UA) will be officially phased out from 1 July 2023 (and for GA360 users this change will take effect on 1 July 2024).

Google is making this major change to address 4 main areas:

1. Cross Device Tracking

  • While UA (launched 2012) was built for website tracking, GA4 tracks activity across apps and websites, adapting to the current multi-device user engagement.

2. Updated Privacy Regulations

  • GA4 supports Google's Consent Mode, which prevents tags from firing when a user chooses not to be tracked on a website.

  • When Consent Mode is active, tags are restricted from gathering cookie information, but Conversion Modelling is enabled to fill in data gaps caused by lost events due to user disallowing conversion tracking.

  • This feature allows advertisers to measure conversions while honoring users' privacy preferences.

3. Advanced Insights & Custom Reports

  • In GA4, the Explore tool (previously exclusive to GA360), empowers users to leverage advanced data science techniques through a user-friendly drag and drop interface.

  • GA4's integrated machine learning capabilities enable data forecasting, predicting future trends and user behavior (like predictive purchases and churn).

  • These predictions can be used to generate targeted audiences.

  • GA4 seamlessly integrates with BigQuery, allowing access to advanced analysis.

4. Data Activation

  • ​GA4 provides integration with the complete Google Marketing Platform (GMP) stack, previously limited to GA360.

  • All audiences and conversions tracked in GA4 are automatically shared across linked platforms

Connected Comment

This is a good opportunity to holistically review your tracking strategy.

  • Make sure you set-up GA4 correctly to ensure you have a clean set of data (we can help).

  • Stop and check that you are tracking your most important touch points and user journeys

  • UA & GA4 measure data differently – you can’t compare results. Get your head around new ways of measuring your activity.

  • Take this chance to ensure you are maximising your data for your media campaigns

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