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AI Update: Apple, Google, LinkedIn & Microsoft (June 2024).

Apple announces 'Apple Intelligence'

AI = Artificial Intelligence or Apple Intelligence?

Apple has unveiled a significant update to the iPhone, introducing 'Apple Intelligence'. Here are the key features announced:

  • AI 'Writing Tools' will be built into iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia, allowing users to 'Rewrite', 'Proofread', and 'Summarise' text across Mail, Notes, Pages, and third-party apps. Apple Writing Tools utilises ChatGPT.

  • New 'Priority Messages' in Mail will surface the most urgent emails (like a boarding pass for an upcoming flight) and provide summaries without opening the message. 'Smart Reply' will make suggestions for a quick response and check to ensure all questions asked have been answered.

  • 'Priority Notifications' will also surface what's most important and provide summaries.

  • Notes and Phone apps will now be able to record, transcribe, and summarise audio.

  • 'Image Playground' and 'Genmoji' will use AI image creation to create fun images in seconds—animations, illustrations, sketches, and personalised emojis.

  • New natural language search for Photos (e.g., "Maya skateboarding in a tie-dye shirt").

  • New Photo 'Clean Up' tool for advanced editing including object removal.

  • Use natural language to create movies from your photos and videos using the 'Memories' tool.

  • Siri will be more deeply integrated into the entire system experience with onscreen awareness (e.g., "Send the photos from the BBQ on Saturday to Malia" or "Play that podcast that Jamie recommended").

  • Apple is promising a focus on privacy and security via on-device processing and 'Private Cloud Computer,' powered by Apple silicon servers.

  • ChatGPT will be integrated across Apple platforms (iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia). Siri may utilise ChatGPT (with the user's permission).

Reactions to Apple's announcement have been mixed:

  • Apple Inc. shares rose to a record high after the announcement.

  • Elon Musk blasted the announcement in a series of tweets and said that if Apple integrates OpenAI at the OS level, he will ban Apple devices at his companies due to security concerns.

  • It is expected that only the newest Apple devices will have the processing power to run Apple's new AI tools, which may anger customers and spark a massive upgrade supercycle.

While Apple has announced 'Apple Intelligence' is coming, they have not given a release date.

Connected Comment

  • Apple's announcement clearly highlights the rapid integration of AI into daily life.

  • Marketers must embrace AI - wisely and intentionally.

    • Stay informed about AI developments.

    • Understand risks to security, IP, and accuracy.

    • Integrate AI where it makes sense to avoid being left behind.

    • AI adoption will unlock new opportunities for innovation and growth.

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Google Live - More AI for Google Ads.

Google Marketing Live 2024 showcased all the new AI technology heading our way in Google Ads.

  • Enhanced Search Capabilities: Google Search received a major boost with the introduction of AI Overviews*, allowing users to get a comprehensive understanding of search topics directly within search results before clicking through to websites.

  • Ads in AI Overview: Search, Shopping, and Performance Max ads may now appear within AI Overviews* on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), initially rolled out in the US.

  • Ad Creation in-line with Brand Guidelines: Brands can now leverage AI-generated images to create ads within Performance Max.

  • Enhanced Shopping Experiences:

    • Transform static photos into videos using Product Studio.

    • Offer features like virtual try-on and 360-degree product views, allowing customers to interact with your products in a more engaging way.

    • Maximise profit with the profit optimisation goal in Smart Bidding, ensuring your campaigns align with your financial objectives.

  • New Audience Insights Reports: Gain a comprehensive understanding of your audience with expanded demographics, interests, and purchase intent data (YouTube). Also includes YouTube placement report in PMax and category-level performance insights with benchmarks for optimisation (Shopping).

*IMPORTANT: Google has had to make some major adjustments to their AI Overviews after users discovered many incorrect answers . Some errors were simply silly, but others could be dangerous or harmful.

Connected Comment

  • While AI is evolving rapidly and creating new exciting opportunities, it needs good marketers to guide it.

  • We are following the updates and testing the new products, cautiously!

Read more about Google Live AI Updates.


LinkedIn Expands AI Tools

LinkedIn has been rolling out Accelerate AI. While it is still limited, Accelerate AI has been positioned as an end-to-end tool to help advertisers create and optimise campaigns.

Key Considerations:

  • Availability: Currently available for traffic and lead generation campaigns with single image ads.

  • Setup: Detailed information about product, service, or brand, which will be analysed by AI to generate campaigns.

  • Optimisation Phase: The campaign undergoes a learning phase of 10-14 days.

  • Targeting: AI dynamically adjusts targeting to reach the most likely engagers.

  • Creative: New opportunity to use AI for creative via integration with Shutterstock and Microsoft Designer.

Connected Comment

  • LinkedIn Accelerate AI features are still quite limited. If Accelerate AI can help enhance your campaigns, we will be talking to you about trialing it!

Read more about LinkedIn Accelerate AI.


Performance Max is now available in all Microsoft Advertising Markets

After a few months in beta, Microsoft has now made Performance Max available for all markets.

Just like Google Performance Max, Microsoft Performance Max campaigns are designed to leverage AI to find and convert more customers across the entire network.  

We are seeing great results for many clients from Microsoft often due to lower competition and opportunity for increased reach. We are excited to have these new AI tools to work with.

Connected Comment

  • Microsoft Performance Max specs are the same as Google Performance Max campaigns - it's pretty quick and easy to get started!

  • If Microsoft Performance Max is right for your business, we will be talking to you about including it in your campaigns.

  • Just like Google Performance Max - we will only get the most out of the AI tools if we apply our experience, insights and creativity to set it up and guide it. We will report on it carefully and benchmark it aganst other campaigns.

Read more about Microsoft Performance Max.



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