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  • Christie Wade

A few of our favourite new Shopify product features

Is your website one of the 108K+ Australian stores built on Shopify? Then make sure you’re across the latest products that have launched and the road-map of what’s coming.

Here are a few of our faves:

You can now sell Wholesale and Direct to Consumer from the same platform – even the same store! Exclusive to Shopify Plus merchants – launched June 2022.

Shopify have just launched powerful B2B

features exclusive to Shopify Plus merchants with access to all of Shopify’s tools (themes, discounts, API access, etc) for your B2B business while also supporting company profiles, price lists, multi-currency, payment terms, and more out-of-the-box.

Find out more about B2B on Shopify.

You can combine promotions in one order. Coming soon – rolling out in the next few weeks.

Coming in the next few weeks you will be able to combine discounts on the same order!

Find out more about Shopify discounts.

Don’t miss out on sales when you’re out of stock: You can now take pre-orders. Launched 21 June 2022.

The new Shopify Pre-Order solution will allow you o strengthen customer relationships and turn a potential sale into an on-the-spot purchase.

Pre-orders give you the flexibility to take payment in the form of a deposit, upfront, or once the item ships.

Pre-orders can also help your business better forecast demand.

Find out more about Preorders .

Find high-intent buyers with Shopify Audiences! This is the update we are most excited about. However, it is currently only available to US & Canada Shopify Plus stores. Watch this space!

Utilise Shopify data to create high-intent audiences based on your specific products/services and export the list to major ad platforms. You can then launch ad campaigns that target that audience.

Unfortunately for us here in AUs, this is currently only available to shops in the US and Canada who are on the Shopify Plus plan and use Shopify Payments. Watch this space.

Learn more about Audiences.

New YouTube Shopping allow you to pin products next to your videos so followers can like, subscribe and buy! Launched worldwide July 2022 for merchants with a minimum 1000 subscribers.

Tag or pin products at key points in your videos for an engaging experience. Audiences can check out while your video continues picture-in-picture.

To get started – install the Google channel in your Shopify store and connect your YouTube account.

Find out more about YouTube Shopping.



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