Helping Your Business Grow Through Results-Driven Marketing

An alternative, innovative, and non-traditional approach: a full service media agency run by digital natives. 

We're a little bit different.

A digital-led full-service media agency.

We started out as a highly specialised digital agency and soon realised the valuable consumer insights we had access to via digital channels and analytics could help enhance traditional media planning and improve marketing decision-making.

While we are digital-first at heart, we take a holistic view of media, ensure traditional and digital channels are truly integrated, and deliver channel-agnostic marketing solutions to business problems.

Our digital roots have proven to be a significant advantage as digital has become a part of every audience connection.

Our strategic process is based on the simple principle of Connection. It’s a mix of science, art, and passion for what we do.

We identify the valuable moments that are essential to build brands, engage customers, influence behaviour, and unlock business growth.

Like any good sports coach, we only reveal the full game plan to our team. If you think you might want to join, connect with us.


Expect more from your agency.

We only work with a limited number of clients, who we get to know inside-out. We strive to be more than just as a supplier, and aim to work as an extension of our clients' teams. 


We are accessible, honest, and transparent. We deliver smart solutions thanks to a combination of technical know-how, data analysis, and intuition shaped by years of experience. 


And we are as invested as you are in seeing results.

Connected Services for Business Growth.

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“In my 10 years+ working in digital marketing, Connected have been hands down the best digital media agency I have personally worked with. They really understand our business goals, the challenges of our industry, and they have adapted to our changing needs over the years. Plus, they are a good bunch of people that are a joy to work with!”.


The fundamentals we live by.

Our values govern our culture and our interactions with clients, partners and the industry.

  • Performance

    Driving business growth is the foundation for all we do. Executional excellence is in our DNA.

  • Energy

    There is a constant buzz. We are continuously moving, innovating, and improving. Our independence makes us agile.

  • Integrity

    We value trusted partnerships above all. We are one team. This requires honesty, transparency and empathy. We will challenge ourselves and our clients if we feel it will create better outcomes.

  • Heart

    We care about our clients, the agency, and each other. We value the different views, skills and experience that each team member brings. We look out for like-minded spirits to join our team.

  • Unexpected(ness)

    We take pride in being a little different. We punch above our weight. We are solution-focused. We are the boutique agency by the sea that will surprise and delight you.

Think We Could Work Together?


Thirroul, Sydney, Melbourne

e: info@connectedm.com.au

p: 1300 378 912

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