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Canon Cameras & Connected Marketing: Capturing the Essence of Travel with the EOS R50


Canon, a name synonymous with photographic excellence, embarked on an ambitious journey to introduce the EOS R50, a camera designed with the traveller in mind. Facing a market dominated by the convenience of smartphones, Canon, in partnership with Connected, faced the formidable challenge of showcasing the EOS R50 not just as a camera, but as an indispensable travel companion.

The goal was to quickly establish the EOS R50 as the market’s leading travel camera – measured by both perception and unit sales.

Through strategic planning, innovative use of technology, and a deep understanding of the traveller’s journey, Canon and Connected successfully positioned the EOS R50 as the quintessential travel companion. This case study not only highlights the successful launch and market impact of the EOS R50 but also showcases the power of strategic digital marketing in transforming consumer perceptions and behaviours in a highly competitive space.



  • Establish the EOS R50 as the market's leading travel camera

  • Drive sales of the EOS R50 and the limited Edition kit


  • We utilised a mix of channels and partnerships to reach audiences in the travel mindset.

  • We focused on placing the EOS R50 within the context of travel planning and excitement.

  • We followed and leveraged SEM search trends to align campaign timings with peak travel planning periods.

  • Real-time reporting to monitor campaign performance and swiftly adapt strategies.


  • Over 39M impressions

  • Over 5M Video Views

  • Exceeded leads/sales targets by 23%

  • The EOS R50 became the number 1 camera sold in its category.

  • The campaign exceeded all media objectives, marking the campaign Canon AU's most successful awareness and video initiative.


We exceeded campaign sales targets by


EOS R50 became the

Number 1 camera sold in its category

"In launching the EOS R50, our goal was to not just introduce a new camera, but to redefine the essence of travel photography. The success that followed exceeded our expectations – we delivered the most successful video campaign we have ever run and the EOS R50 skyrocketed to number 1 in its category. This achievement was made possible not only by the EOS R50's innovative features but also by the exceptional strategies and execution by Connected Marketing. Their understanding of our business goals and the market dynamics allowed us to connect with our audience on a deeper level, turning the EOS R50 into an essential travel companion for photographers around the globe.”  Jane Dignam, Manager – Canon Paid Media & Retail Marketing


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