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  • Christie Wade

30-second market update - 10 Dec 2021


Skim over these headlines to keep up to date on what's making news.

Channel Updates

  • Meta Portal now lets you view Facebook Stories hands-free >more

  • Instagram head says it’s bringing back the chronological feed >more

  • Drive results with new features on the Google Ads Insights page >more


Media News

Preparing for the cookieless future:

  • Working with Competition and Markets Authority, the Google privacy sandbox has offered a revised set of commitments that incorporate a number of changes.

  • Quantcast has stated they will interoperate with emerging solutions and adapt as they evolve. Quantcast has invested in Ara, their patented AI and ML engine, to enable data-driven advertising. Ara will combine all of the following signals statistically to power insights: first party, contextual, consent, time, language, geo location, device, cohorts, identifiers. >more

  • Google’s Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoCs): The proposal to protect individual privacy by grouping audiences into dynamic cohorts. This cookie replacement has been described as the most “ambitious” receiving heavy backlash from those in support of the death of the cookie. FLoCs trial ended on Jul 14.

  • TheTradeDesk: Unified ID 2.0 (UID2) is a deterministic identifier based on PII (for example, email or phone number) with user transparency and privacy controls. The UID2 identifier enables logged-in experiences from publisher websites, mobile apps,­­­ and CTV apps to monetize through programmatic workflows. To access you currently need to contact The Trade Desk.



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