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New Quarter Applications Now Open

Have you got turnover of $4-$9M and you’re looking to take your business to the next level?


We can help you grow through digital marketing. And we have the results to prove it.

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As a growth agency, we only work with a limited number of clients who have the potential and willingness to scale. It’s not just about revenue, it’s about a commitment to the results.


How do we do it? Without giving away all our secrets, we identify the valuable moments and connections that are essential to build brands, engage customers, influence behaviour and ultimately unlock business growth.

Growth Partner Program

Our Growth Partner Program (GPP) provides all the elements necessary to accelerate sustainable growth, by providing access to our strategic processes, capabilities audit & all the specialist skills and technologies required for growth, normally reserved for large blue-chip businesses only.

Our GPP members receive:

  • Business review and deep dive

  • Marketing audit

  • Growth strategy & action plan

  • SEM account audit

  • Enhanced customer analytics & understanding

  • Social marketing review

  • Communication strategies to achieve business objectives

  • User flow & conversion path score

  • Technical gaps & connection points

  • Full support, consultation & access to specialist help


Our proven framework removes the guesswork, as every step of the process is underpinned by data and guided by experience.

If you don’t have a clear picture of your audience and their path to conversion, or a clear strategy to scale high-value customers, you’re leaving your business success to pure chance & luck.

Growth Partner Program applications are now open for next quarter – if you’re ready, apply now.

Contact (GPP)

“In my 10 years+ working in digital marketing, Connected have been hands down the best digital media agency I have personally worked with. They really understand our business goals, the challenges of our industry, and they have adapted to our changing needs over the years. Plus, they are a good bunch of people that are a joy to work with!”.



How can we help grow your business?

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